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Unpacking and Inflating The Advantage 10-6 (iSUP)

Unpacking the Advantage 10-6

This video shows you how to unpack the Advantage 10-6 from the backpack in preparation for inflation.

Unrolling The Advantage 10-6

This video shows you how to unroll the board in preparation to inflate.  Roll the board out with fins down leaving the fin protectors on until it is inflated.

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Attaching The Pump Hose

Unscrew the valve cap counter clock wise.  Then screw the pump hose end clockwise until secure and air does not escape when pumping.

Selecting Double Inflation

If using the Bravo SUP4 pump turn selector to the right or if using the Bravo SUP3 or the HP2 screw the air release cap in for double inflation to start pumping up your iSUP.

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Pumping Up The iSUP

Start pumping up the iSUP.  Continue pumping and it will take shape within the first 2 minutes.  When the board becomes harder to pump change the inflation selection to single inflation to make pumping easier.

Selecting Single Inflation

If using the Bravo SUP4 pump turn selector all the way to the left or if using the Bravo SUP3 or the HP2 unscrew the air release cap and let it hang loose for single inflation to finish pumping up your iSUP.  This will make pumping easier for the final few pounds to be reached.  15 lbs psi is the  recommended pressure for peak performance of the board.  However, lighter riders may find 12 lbs psi sufficient.

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Removing Fin Protectors And Installing The Center Removable Fin

First before moving the board into the water remove the 2 thruster fin protectors. Take the center fin and slide it into fin receiver until reaches the back.  Insert the fin locking clip until you hear a click and it won't pull out.

Removing The Center Fin

Push down on end of the clip (not attached to the line) that is inserted into the fin receiver while sliding the clip back out the way it came in.  Then slide the fin forward until it comes out of the receiver.  Please remove the fin when on shore as the fin will sink if dropped in the water. 

Deflating And Packing Up Your iSUp

Releasing The Air Pressure

To release the air pressure and start deflating your iSUP, first unscrew the valve cap. Next push down the valve stem while turning it counter clockwise.  This will lock down the valve stem down releasing the air.  You can then squeeze out the remaining air.  When all the air is out of the iSUP push the valve stem down and turn it clockwise.  This will allow the valve stem to move up, locking it so air will not flow back in unless the pump hose is attached.

Rolling Up The iSUP

Make sure the iSUP is dry and clean before you start rolling it up.  Start rolling up the iSUP from the Nose/Bow end.  Once it has been fully rolled up. Put strap on so the board will not unroll.  Then slide the fin protectors back on the thruster fins.  Finally put the iSUP back into backpack.  Don't forget to pack up all the accessories as well!

Carbon Shaft Paddle 

This video will show you how easy it is to put together our light weight 3 piece carbon shaft paddle with nylon reinforced plastic blade.