The Advantage 10-6

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Make the smart choice -  The Advantage 10-6

The Design

If you could only ever have one board, the Advantage 10-6 is the one design we’d tell you to get. Its popularity is defined by its versatility. For instance, it is 10ft - 6 inch in length. This increased length allows the board to respond and maneuver more quickly through the water. In addition, the Advantage 10-6 comes with a thickness of 6 in. instead of the standard 4 inches found in many other inflatable paddle boards. This increased thickness allows the board to maneuver through the water without taking on water or sagging in the middle. It's 32 inch width provides greater stability and more space for the rider. When deflated, the board shrinks to a compact 12 inch X 33 inch in order to maintain compactness and portability.


As mentioned above, the Advantage 10-6 is designed to be faster and more maneuverable in the water than the average board. These features make it a good choice for paddle boarders who want to use the board in calm water or small waves. It is also intended to be used by paddle boarders of all experience levels, thanks to its ease of use and responsiveness.

Thanks to its 6 inch thickness, the Advantage 10-6 also remains high and dry in the water and can tolerate a weight of up to 325 pounds. The board’s speed, responsiveness, strength, and dryness earn it positive reviews from customers who confirm its claims to reliable and satisfying movement on the water and find that the board remains stable, even in somewhat choppy water. The result is that this board proves its quality as an exceptional inflatable paddle board for a variety of paddle boarders.

Rigidity & Durability

Even though it is an inflatable paddle board, the Advantage 10-6 is designed to mimic the rigidity of regular paddle boards. The extra thickness allows it to be firmer when inflated. This means that it is unlikely to sag on the water or to take on water.

In addition, the board is designed with military grade PVC that is tougher and firmer than other materials. This PVC has been stitched together with drop stitch construction. This type of construction places the PVC in vertical rows that make it even more rigid when inflated. Double sided construction makes for added rigidity and durability. Finally, the board only needs to inflate to a maximum PSI of 15.  It can be be fully inflated  in less than 5 minutes.  

Thanks to its rigidity and to its military grade, drop-stitch constructed body, the Advantage 10-6 is difficult to damage. Sea Dog Water Sports has thoroughly tested the board by putting it through various types of abuse in order to confirm its durability. As a result, the board can be bumped or dinged on the water without sustaining major damage. 

What's on deck

The Advantage 10-6 is as well built on the outside as it is on the inside.  An extended, durable and comfortable deck pad will keep you on the board and happy even on long trips.  A soft covering on the carrying handle makes it even easier to transport.

Two D rings located at the nose and rear of the board allow easy attachment of an ankle leash and tie off to a dock or an anchor.

The elasticized luggage cords will keep your equipment on the board and with the extended deck to the luggage area no need to worry about gear scratching your board.

The Bravo valve will keep your board consistently inflated for peak performance.


Because the Advantage 10-6 can be deflated into a compact size, it retains the portability that makes inflatable SUPs appealing to so many people. The board is approximately the size of a large sleeping bag when rolled up. With our durable backpack it is to carry.  This size is ideal for tossing it in the trunk or back seat of a car and for storing in a closet other small space. In addition, this board is very light and easy to handle, even when inflated. The addition of the soft carrying handle in particular add to the ease with which this board can be carried to and from the water.