Why Choose An Inflatable iSUP?

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With the latest technology our inflatable boards are extremely rigid and durable.

  • Transport - The advantages of an inflatable SUP are that you can take it with you almost anywhere. You don’t need a large van or a pickup truck to haul our inflatable SUP board. Just roll it up into a convenient package that fits its carry bag and toss it in the trunk of your compact car.  Our inflatable is easily packed for a trip by airplane too. You can even pack it up and take the bus to the beach.  Especially if you have to bridge a longer distance from the vehicle to the waterfront an epoxy or fiberglass board can be a drag. Literally. Paddle boards can be colossal and heavy.  It only takes about 5 minutes to inflate and you are ready to get paddling!

  • Storage - If you own a spacious van or a car with a surfboard car rack and have a large garage or shed at home storing a bulky SUP board isn’t likely to be much of a problem. If you don’t, picture yourself storing your large board every time you come home from paddling. Our inflatable SUP you simply store on a shelf.

  • Durability - Our inflatables are more durable. You might not have thought so but our boards are very rugged and durable. Say you want to use it for white water river paddling. On an inflatable SUP, hitting a rock in a fast flowing river has a much smaller chance of severely damaging your board. A repair kit comes with each board and minor repairs can be made at home quickly and easily. Because the chance on having to visit a surf shop for repairs is much less with an inflatable SUP you will feel less stressed out lending your board to friends or family for a first try. Let alone your own hesitance to defy spring rapids or rocky-shored beaches.

  • Price - Traditionally, inflatable materials are less expensive which makes another argument for being the best board to start out with. A common mistake many first time SUP board enthusiasts make is buying a first board that is too small for their size and weight. Especially when opting for a hard board, going down a few sizes so it will fit in the car is tempting.